By listening to the needs and experience of Justice & Public Safety practitioners, one thing is clear: IT solution providers often are not aligned to the specific requirements of Justice & Public Safety domain clients. Some of the challenges Justice Managers have experienced include:


Intucio Application Development


User interfaces that are counter-intuitive and difficult to use in field environments

Intucio Application Development


Rigid solutions that keep data segregated when not necessary

Intucio Application Development


"Software as a Service" solutions that block access to agency data or charge exorbitant prices to access data

Intucio Application Development


Solutions that lock in agencies with small to medium budgets with large up-front price tags and annual maintenance costs

Justice & Public Safety Managers must tackle these challenges with shrinking budgets,
stretched resources and ever-changing legislative and judicial requirements.




Intucio's Justice Practice objective is to meet our clients' needs through flexible, targeted, justice-forward solutions. These customized solutions offer structured, metrics-driven guidance on ways to boost productivity, increase efficiency, target software purchases and leverage existing data systems for justice agencies seeking a target plan based on their available funding and resources. Customized justice solution offerings that demonstrate our ability to engage meaningfully include:




Identify the best solutions for your specific IT needs within your agency's budget constraints.

Connecting Systems

Connecting Systems

Deliver systems integration services that connect disparate systems and information to provide budget conscious operational impact.

Justice Point


Discover our suite of ready-to-go justice applications built on Microsoft SharePoint that deliver specialized systems within your budget. 

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Intucio utilizes Microsoft services, applications and cloud technologies to create solutions for justice and public safety challenges in information sharing and communications.

Our solutions maximize Intucio's justice and public safety knowledge, and utilize best practices and strategies related to IT and data management. Our goal is to deliver solutions in tandem with customers to ensure our solution is the right one for the intended users.

Intucio maintains a strong Justice Practice with excellent past performance in multiple domain areas including: Law Enforcement, Courts, District Attorney/Prosecutor, and Corrections/Jail on Federal, State, and Local levels and in the integrations between their systems. The Intucio Justice & Public Safety team provides:

  • Agile methodology to keep the customer involved during the entire process
  • Highly capable technical staff with experience in justice and justice data
  • Microsoft Partner Network credentials placing us in the top 1% of Microsoft partners worldwide
  • Experienced Integration specialists including NIEM and justice standards
  • Active in the justice community (IJIS, IACP, FOP, ICTOA)
  • Company CMMI Level 2 rating ensures we use repeatable processes to drive success
  • Design solutions fully cognizant of each client's unique situation and funding
  • Experts at knowledge transfer throughout projects to help clients proceed post implementation


Intucio's dedicated justice IT staff brings knowledge, experience, and standards to custom software development, system integrations, modernizations, infrastructure, data warehouses, and other IT services.



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Intucio Public Safety Infrastructure


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