Today’s IT department needs to be flexible and agile. Continuing to manage and expand on-premises infrastructure is harder to justify given the continuous improvement and flexibility of cloud service offerings from Microsoft. Let Intucio host a two-day workshop to let you evaluate how Microsoft Azure can help add capacity and flexibility to your existing IT environment without capital investment in new hardware and enable you to create the ultimate modern hybrid datacenter.



Envision your modern hybrid datacenter through an exploration and evaluation of Microsoft Azure services



Explore the robust options Azure provides for instantly standing up virtual machines and network services of any type, size, or shape


Calculate an ROI of moving your legacy infrastructure into Microsoft Azure



Develop a proof of concept Azure solution for specific business need


Business Impacts



Reduce IT datacenter footprint and future capital expense


Create a robust hybrid cloud to improve flexibility and capacity


Instantly expand your service offerings through Azure's expansive service catalog


Eliminate the need for costly hardware refreshes and storage expansion


Contact Intucio today to schedule your Azure discovery workshop and envision your modern hybrid datacenter.


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