Productivity and enabling infrastructure such as email, intranet, and system and endpoint security are often built for general distribution and do not meet the needs of healthcare institutions, particularly when advancing or adopting applications such as Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems. Therefore, healthcare IT can face several challenges, including:


High Availability

Maximizing IT investment

Reduced System Administration

Enforcing HIPAA and HITECH compliance

Enhanced Security

Increasing mobility and access to healthcare information


The ability for the CIO to address these challenges is difficult given lean IT budgets and staff, increasing regulatory complexity, and the ever-changing medical landscape.




Intucio delivers customized systems that provide continuous access to healthcare data and records while ensuring the protection of medical and personal information.
These specialized systems support:

High Availability

24/7 operations of hospitals and other healthcare facilities through high availability and continuous access

Reduced System Administration

Reduced system administration allowing IT professionals to focus on mission-critical medical systems

Enhanced Security

Enhanced security measures protecting the system from risk of unauthorized access and data distribution



Intucio leverages Microsoft cloud technologies, specifically Office 365 and Azure, to help eliminate administrative overhead and to enhance productivity and collaboration while maintaining the proper security compliance for patient data.


Whether migrating to Office 365, deploying an intranet platform, or managing devices and security within your environment, Intucio helps your organization take full advantage of the 99.9% system availability of Microsoft's cloud services to guarantee uninterrupted access to data.


Azure and Office 365 HIPAA compliance ensures your data will remain safe and provides additional security features that can be customized to meet your organization's needs.

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