Overall, customers want increased access to investment data in order to make more informed financial decisions. This rise in demand is forcing organizations to re-think their IT strategy to meet the following challenges:



Intucio Financial Services

Providing security and mobility to end users

Intucio Financial Services

Delivering the ability for customers and investors to review their accounts and portfolios with real-time information and updates

Intucio  Financial Services

Offering access to multiple tools to manage financial information


These challenges are forcing organizations to rethink their IT strategy and increase user access to data to help make informed financial decisions.



Intucio designs custom applications that securely provide access to real-time information across a wide range of devices. Applications provide the following:



Intucio Financial Services

Highly-available access to data and information on all mobile platforms, allowing users to make informed decisions and to quickly react to both personal and market changes

Intucio Financial Services

Customized security options designed to protect personal and financial information, assuring users their information is completely secure



Using services and applications offered through Microsoft, including Azure and Office 365 cloud services, Intucio can architect, build, and implement customized financial applications that meet your organization's unique needs


Our experienced consultants design business and productivity applications through migrations to cloud-based services. These applications reduce administrative overhead and allow financial IT departments to focus on supporting other vital applications. Secure, mobile-friendly Microsoft cloud services provide financial organizations with the power to create, deploy, and maintain mobile applications that can quickly scale with changes in demand.


Intucio will help your organization take full advantage of the 99.9% system availability of Microsoft's cloud services, guaranteeing access to virtually all data 24/7.


Data will remain safe while you take advantage of the customizable security features designed to meet your organization's needs through Microsoft's cloud compliance with several federal and commercial security standards.



Intucio Financial Services